Diabetes Comprehensive Check

GeneralDiabetes Control
Total WBC CountHbA 1c
Differential CountFBS, PPBS
HemoglobinHeart (Ischemic Heart Disease)
Sodium, PotassiumECG
Uric AcidFasting lipid Profile
Urine Protein, Glucose, Acetone, MicroscopyTread Mill Test
Stool-Occult Blood MicroscopyEchocardiography
Chest X-rayEyes (Retinopathy)
Abdomen X-rayFundoscopy
Pancreatic FunctionFoot (Neuropathy, Peripheral vascular disease)
Fasting Serum C PeptideMonofilament
Stimulated Serum C PeptideBiothesiometer
Fasting Serum InsulinAnkle Brachial Index
Kidney (Nephropathy)Liver (Fatty liver/NASH)
Urine MicroalbuminLiver Function Test
Urea, CreatinineGamma GT
Fasting Serum C Peptide
Stimulated Serum C Peptide
Urine Protein/Creatinine ratioSpecial Coronary Risk Factors Screening
Ultra Sonography of AbdomenLp (a)
Calcium, PhosphorousHomocysteine
Thyroid FunctionFibrinogen
TSHC- Reactive protein
Free T4 

Cardiologist / Nephrologist consultation, if indicated.


The package simplifies Health Check-up for you. You can make a prior appointment by calling our Public Relations Officer on the phone (Nos. 0484-277 2000, 277 2073). Arrive at the hospital on the appointed day by 7.30 AM on an empty stomach. Our PR Officer will smooth your way through Lab Investigations, X-ray, Ultrasound Scan, ECG, Echocardiography, Tread Mill Test and other specialty tests. Once these are completed, Complimentary Breakfast will be served to you. After this you may rest for a while. When the results are ready, our physician will evaluate your clinical records & history and advice you accordingly. In case of suspicion on any health problems, you will be referred to the required departments.