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Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition Treatments In Kochi.

The department of Clinical Nutrition at VPS Lakeshore supports the health of patients by providing nutrition screening, assessment, intervention, and counseling. Managed by a team of well-qualified dieticians, the department offers its services to both in-patients and outpatients.

The patients’ clinical conditions are highly considered, according to which special diets are planned. The diet kitchen here, is run by hospital’s own Food and Beverages Department, in order to serve well-balanced diet.

Key Highlights

  • Individualized diet counseling for diabetes mellitus, blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, uric acid, pancreatitis, Crohn's disease, cancer etc.

  • Nutritional supports for tube feeding patients.(Enteral Nutrition)

  • Weight reduction, personal diet and fitness programme - based on healthy food choices and active lifestyle.

  • Special diet consultation for Pre and Post Multi Organ Transplant patients.

  • Nutrition education in Public Health Camps.

Manju P George

Chief Dietitian


Other Information


  1. Clinical Nutrition OPD Services (Diet and Lifestyle consultation, follow up).

  • All specialities

  • Onco Nutrition package, Radiation Oncology OPD

  • Gastro Nutrition OPD

  • Diabetic and Overweight consultations

  • Joining with Head and Neck Institute for Swallowing therapy sessions for

  • patients

  • Pediatric and Maternal nutrition

  • OPD- Executive check up

  2.     Lactation counseling services

  3.    Obesity nutrition consultation - individual specific- and follow up

  4.    IP services-Diet consultation, diet modification-condition specific

  5.    Bariatric surgery follow up

  6.    Enteral diet planning and family education for specific patients

  7.    Group education sessions for out patients (Pediatric, OB-Gynae, Dialysis)

  8.    Internship facilities for aspiring nutritionists:

         - Registered Dietitian(RD) internship

         - Regular internship

  9. Organizing workshops and TOT for Dietitians and health professionals

 10. Participating in clinical nutrition updates for staff empowerment

Manju P George

Chief Dietitian

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