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Best Orthopaedics Hospital in Kerala.

    This is a comprehensive orthopaedic department covering all orthopaedic subspecialties. Advanced tertiary level poly-trauma management protocols with a 24 hour rapid TAT team with  4 specialists have improved survival and reduced patient morbidity compared to world standards.

    Joint replacement service primary, complex primary and revision replacement with experienced well trained leading experts using cutting edge technology in a clean air operation theater with advanced pain management deliver patient satisfaction and longevity of joints.

    Sports injuries including multi-ligament knee and shoulder and foot and ankle injuries are dealt with one stage with accelerated rehabilitation techniques to get sports persons rapidly back in the thick of the action. Limb salvage surgery along with the comprehensive oncology center is pioneering new methods in the treatment of orthopaedic oncology.

    Focused foot and ankle unit dealing with complex foot and ankle problems including Flat and club foot and salvaging deformed diabetic foot.

    Joint preservation techniques which include autologous chondrocyte implantation, use of bone marrow, and adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell in tendon and cartilage injuries help preserve the functionality and longevity of the joints. Use of stromal vascular fraction and various types of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with specific indications help us deliver focused regenerative care

  • Joint Replacement 
  • Orthopaedic Traumatology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Foot & Ankle Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Oncology
  • Joint Preservation
  • Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

News & events



VPS Lakeshore's Successful Feat of Liver Transplanting

VPS Lakeshore conducts yet another successful Liver Transplant Surgery in a six-month-old baby hailing from Lakshadweep, who went through the condition of biliary atresia.



VPS Lakeshore's Contribution at the AAOS 2021

A Study from VPS Lakeshore hospital presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in San Diego (Aug 31 to Sep 3, 2021)



VPS Lakeshore Saves Covid Patient with Brain Haemorrhage

VPS Lakeshore's timely intervention with advanced lung support system has saved Ram Naresh, a 34 year old Covid patient who had Brain Haemorrhage along with internal lung bleeding.



The Mom's Gift: A Successful Liver Transplant Surgery

Little Fathima's liver disease gets cured with a part of her mom's liver transplanted in her.



വൃക്ക മാറ്റിവയ്ക്കുന്നത് മൂന്നാം തവണ; 47കാരന് വിപിഎസ് ലേക്‌ഷോറിൽ പുതുജീവൻ

പെരുമ്പാവൂർ സ്വദേശി തോമസ് മാത്യുവിന് (47) 2003ൽ, 29-ആം വയസ്സിലാണ് ആദ്യം വൃക്കമാറ്റിവച്ചത്. പിന്നീട് മൂന്ന് വർഷത്തിന് ശേഷം വീണ്ടും മാറ്റിവയ്‌ക്കേണ്ടിവന്നു.



39 Year Old Pregnant Woman beats Covid-19 and Pneumonia at VPS Lakeshore

Kiran who was admitted to the Covid treatment centre back in May, later suffered from post-covid pneumonia that was quite hard to tackle particularly during the pregnancy period.



World Hepatitis Day 2021: VPS Lakeshore Offers Free Hepatitis Checkup

VPS Lakeshore has come up with a special Hepatitis Day Screening Package inclusive of Liver Function Test, Hemogram, HBsAG, Anti-HCV, and Anti-HBS Titre.



VPS Lakeshore Incorporates Sputnik V Vaccine

Lakeshore gained access to Sputnik right in the middle of these times which witnessed a common scarcity for the vaccine.