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Diabetology and Podiatry

Best Diabetology and Podiatry in Kochi.

  • Insulin Therapy 
  • Insulin Pump
  • Special Surgeries of Angioplasty and Bypass surgery for legs to improve blood flow
  • Detection of High Risk Foot with special equipment like Biothesiometer, Foot Scan, ABI, etc.

High specialization areas of this center include

Diabetes 'Leap' Center - Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention

Juvenile Diabetic Foundation

For the welfare of children suffering from diabetics, VPS Lakeshore has started Juvenile Diabetic Foundation under the Diabetic Department. It aims to highlight the physical and psychological problems of children who need Insulin Therapy on a daily basis. VPS Lakeshore is the first hospital in Kerala to administer insulin pump to a 13 year boy in 2005.

This center makes the special surgeries of Angioplasty and Bypass surgery for legs to improve blood flow. The center is provided with most modern equipment to detect High Risk Foot, special equipment like Biothesiometer, Foot Scan, ABI, etc.

Dr. Johny J. Kannampilly

Consultant Diabetologist


M.D. (Gen.Med.), D.Ortho, D.Diab FAGE


    • Dr. Johny Kannampilly is consultant diabetologist and head of department of Diabetology and Podiatry in VPS Lakeshore Hospital. 
    • Dr. Johny was trained in diabetes at W.H.O Center Zagreb, Europe.
    • He is the first doctor from Kerala state to be trained and specialized in diabetic Foot.
    • He was also trained at King's College London under Prof. Mike Edmonds who is world famous in diabetic foot care.
    • He was the first person to install Insulin pump in India, in the year 2003.
    • He was the Vice president of Diabetic Foot Society of India.

Dr. Johny J. Kannampilly

Consultant Diabetologist

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