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May 14th 2024

Revolutionising Orthopaedic Surgery

Kochi: In an effort to enhance precision, expedite recovery, and alleviate pain compared to conventional procedures in knee joint replacement surgery, VPS Lakeshore unveiled the cutting-edge Robotic Knee Replacement surgery system on Thursday.

VPS Lakeshore, a top-tier healthcare institution, introduced the Cori Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery System for the first time in Kochi, promising to revolutionise orthopaedic surgeries at VPS Lakeshore.

The state-of-the-art robotic system utilises advanced technology to guide surgical devices, ensuring unparalleled precision in complex procedures. With benefits such as sub-millimetre accuracy during implant surgery, reduced infection risks, and the potential for swifter recovery and discharge within a few days, patients can anticipate a new standard of care in orthopaedic surgery.

Dr. Jacob Varghese, Head of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, highlighted the pivotal role of robotic technology in joint replacements. "The importance of robotic joint replacement is that we can actually plan the surgery well in advance using the robotic interface before we execute the cuts and perform the overall joint replacement," said Dr. Jacob Varghese while speaking at the press conference.

The Robotic Surgery System involves a handheld robot interfacing with a high-speed camera and a computer to ensure precision during the operation. The system allows surgeons to map the joint surface accurately, plan cuts with precision, and assess the balance and functionality of the joint post-replacement.

"Cutting with robotic burrs has a higher degree of accuracy and a lower chance of soft tissue injuries. After the surgery, the robot allows us to measure the ligament tension and overall alignment of the final knee replacement," said Dr. George Jacob, Knee consultant, orthopaedics.

S K Abdulla, Managing Director of VPS Lakeshore, while speaking at the press conference underscored the pivotal role of AI in revolutionising patient care and outcomes. "The world is moving ahead with the latest Artificial Intelligence. In health sector also the influence of AI is evident and it is unavoidable. At VPS Lakeshore, our commitment to excellence in patient care is amplified by harnessing the power of the best available technology. This empowers our medical team to provide precise diagnoses, personalised treatments, and superior outcomes, ultimately enhancing the well-being of our patients”, said S K Abdulla, Managing Director of VPS Lakeshore.


  • Enhanced accuracy and precision in implant placement, leading to improved joint function.
  • Customized surgical planning based on individual anatomy for better implant fit.
  • Reduced risk of blood loss and other complications and shorter hospital stays due to minimally invasive techniques.
  • Real-time feedback during surgery for enhanced safety and optimal outcomes.
  • Comprehensive orthopedic care with advanced technology, ensuring patient satisfaction and well-being.

Photo Caption: MD SK Abdulla, launching the robot during a press conference held in Lakeshore.